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- Apr 13, 2017 -

The liner is based on the different shapes and weaknesses of the goods, for the fixed goods, to ensure that the goods in the transport process will not move, while the buffer effect of the packaging components. The cushion is used as a cushioning member, and its main function is to reduce or reduce the impact of external shock on the inner packaging. Commonly used cushioning materials are EPS, EPE, PE, PP, pulp molding, corrugated board, on-site foaming and so on.

The classification of the liner has an end cap gasket, a ceramic welding pad, and the like. The utility model is provided with a gasket which is applied to a touch switch of a circuit board. The touch switch is provided with a switch assembly on the top surface thereof. The pad comprises a set of protection base, which is arranged on the touch switch And the inside of the nesting base is respectively formed with a first area and a second zone from top to bottom, the space of the first area for accommodating the touch switch and the space of the second zone for accommodating the top surface of the touch switch The switch assembly, and a pressing projection, are provided at the top of the nesting base and are integrally formed with the sleeve base, and the touch switch can be touched when the pressing projection is subjected to an external force.

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