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- Apr 13, 2017 -

In the selection of diapers, it should be made on the outside of the diaper, select the appropriate diaper, so as to play the role of diapers should play.

1: must be suitable for wearing a person's body shape. Especially the legs and waist of the elastic groove can not be too tight, otherwise it will hurt the skin. Diaper size is not necessarily exactly the same, may be different with the different manufacturers brand. It is recommended to refer to the number indicated outside the package.

2: leak-proof design to prevent out of urine. Adult urine more, choose leak-proof design of the diaper that is inside the thigh fuselage and lumbar fissure, in the urine too much can effectively prevent leakage.

3: Adhesive function is better. The use of stickers to be able to close the diaper, and after the diapers can be repeated after the paste, even if the patient wheelchair change position, it will not release, fall off.

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