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Adult Diapers Main Features Editor
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Traditional diapers and diapers, many people affected by the traditional diaper theory, that with diapers than diapers good: ventilation, hygroscopicity is strong, difficult to produce diaper rash. Human progress is best reflected in science and technology. Paper workers intelligent diapers, sanitary pads, etc., are one of the important manifestations of human science and technology. These products not only greatly facilitate the handling of some things, but also provide a more advanced health protection.

Just traditional diapers and diapers compared to the breathability, of course, is the traditional diaper is good, and much better, because it is only cloth, no water material. But with such a comparison of the results to judge the pros and cons of the two is very unfair. Because in the use of traditional diapers, people usually in the diaper outer layer with a layer of water things: absolutely airtight plastic paper. So, we should take this layer is not breathable at all, "full version" of traditional diapers and diapers for comparison, this is fair. (Good) diapers with non-woven fabrics, lining only let the air out and not let water molecules out of the material, so although the permeability can not be compared with the pure cloth, but compared to the "full version" of the traditional diapers, It is much better. However, people often overlook the fairness of this contrast, leading to the side of the traditional diaper phenomenon. With the continuous improvement of the production process, diapers from the initial leak-proof, absorb the urine of a single function, improved both leak-proof and absorbent antibacterial, and increased flexibility elastic waist, three-dimensional leak barrier and other functions.

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