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Adult Diapers
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Functional design editor

A disposable diaper. To non-woven, paper, cotton and other materials. There are two types of infant and adult special. The latest research and development of environmentally friendly recyclable diapers, buckwheat fiber refining raw materials manufacturing.


Designed for the baby and developed a new disposable diaper. Can keep the baby delicate, dry skin, so that the baby will not wake up because of wet and middle of the night.


Unique bikini design, so that more skin surface contact with fresh air, so that the baby feels more comfortable, cool. Strong absorption, with three layers of wet layer, even if the baby five times wet, but also to keep dry. Breathable, baby sweat up the back, diaper elastic belt soft breathable, stretch freely, so that the skin free breathing. To prevent leakage, leak-proof edge, to prevent the baby's urine, especially to prevent the baby's feces, which leak from both sides.

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